What are android casinos

A while ago, bettors were only able to play casino games by visiting the brick and mortar casinos. However, nowadays, with advancement in technology and easy access to the internet, they can easily access their favorite online casinos through their mobile devices. If you want to play 1-onlinecasino-canada on your android phone, you can easily do so, s long as you have internet connection. These casino games are fun and easy to play.

Basically, the popularity of android casinos is growing all over the world. The tablet and smartphone technology keeps improving which is allowing more people to have access to gambling options on mobile devices. Subsequently, the market for these games keeps growing. As of 2018, android's share of the tablet and smartphone market stood at 75%. This is a big market considering that Apple's market share is only 15%.

Android's restrictive policy

Until recently, Android had a restrictive policy against apps that offer real-money betting. Operators were forced to distribute their android apps via third-party or their own channels. This made it difficult for players to find the apps, and it was costly for promoters to maintain and market them. Android gadgets are great gambling devices since they are compatible with Flash. In January 2021, Google opened the door to the Play Store.

Apple has already been providing betting apps to its users through App Store. Now, android customers will have an easier time downloading gambling apps. Android users account for more than half of the smartphone market in the whole world. However, Google will be vigilant. Operators adding apps must provide evidence to show that they have been licensed to offer gambling services in the country they are targeting.

How to choose android casino

There are many android casinos available in the market. This makes it hard to choose one site to play on. The first factor that you should consider, make a list of the casinos that you would consider playing. You can start by identifying the untrustworthy casinos that you need to avoid. These are the ones that have reports of customer abuse, exorbitant financial terms and slow payouts.

Once you know the sites to avoid, you can narrow down the list you are choosing from. Secondly, you should identify your favorite games and choose the sites that provide them. If you are a fan of table games your choices will be limited since mobile libraries usually have a small selection. If you are a slot fan you will have more choices. Also, analyze how the site works, promotions and their library.